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Event postponed due to COVID

To our Heritage Family,

  The challenges we have all faced in 2020 have been many, and we have many still ahead. With the Covid issue at the forefront, the decision has been made to postpone the Heritage events till 2021. This was not an easy or quick decision and has only been finalized the past few days. First and foremost is the safety and health of all of you who participate in these fun and family events.  It has been and always will be the ultimate goal of the Heritage Auto and Ag Show to preserve our Automotive Heritage and those who made it. We are working now on 2021 and have some fun and unique things planned including the celebration of our belated 20th anniversary. Join us in 2021 and check the web site for updates as we move forward. Stay safe, stay healthy, and will look forward to seeing you all at Heritage 2021

Please check back often for show updates and additions

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